Barotseland in the New York Times!

12 November 2018
Author  Sibeta Mundia, Barotseland Post
King Lewanika I of Barotseland in the New York Times, May 25th, 1902 Copyright © The New York Times


It may surprise many to learn that the world renowned media such as the Associated Press, Reuters and The New York Times, among others, have been covering Barotseland news for over a hundred years!

YES! Starting from as far back as 1899, the big world media has covered Barotseland stories such as the trips the King of Barotseland, Lewanika I, undertook to Europe in 1902, King Lewanika’s greatness and close friendship with King Edward VII, and later King George of the British Empire as well as his death in 1916.

The new York Times have continued their coverage of Barotseland as they have also covered recent events involving Afumba Mombotwa and the Linyungandambo, including the March 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) Barotseland Independence declarations!

His successor son Litia as Yeta III, King of Barotseland was also covered fairly widely and other Barotse Kings all the way to the processes that led to the signing of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 that facilitated the joining of the Kingdom of Barotseland with Northern Rhodesia at the 1964 independence.

Sir, Mwanawina III was also a common feature in the New York Times until his death.

Their coverage has not only highlighted political developments in Barotseland but also matters of the economy such as the booming tourism industry.

Only early this year, The New York Times named Barotseland’s Liuwa National Parks among the world’s ‘52 Places to Go in 2018’.

Our attention in this feature is their coverage of Lewanika, King of Barotseland on Page 5 of The New York Times, May 25, 1902 edition.

The New York Times was quoting The Associated Press Feature of MAY 25, 1902 as follows:

“LONDON, May 24. -- Lewanika, King of Barotseland, (or Northwestern Rhodesia,) the only King who will be present at the coronation of King Edward, arrived from his vast territory in South Africa to-day.

“His appearance is one of many signs of the approaching completion of the coronation arrangements.” END.

The above is just one example, among many, on how the world has followed events in Barotseland for over a century!

It is no surprise that today; we see Barotseland featured in popular American action police procedural television series, NCIS.

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