DEADLOCK: Namuso want ‘restoration’, other Kuta insist on 2012 BNC people resolutions as Privy Council extends to Friday

28 November 2019
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Leaked information indicates that the Privy Council is currently deadlocked on Namuso, particularly the Kutas representing the Ngambela and Iñete of Mongu, mooting the restoration of the defunct Barotseland Agreement 1964 with the other Kutas opposing the proposal, insisting on honouring and implementing the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) unanimous resolutions that called for the total independence of Barotseland.

A source close to the events has revealed that the Ngambela’s Kuta and that of Iñete have proposed that a select committee of 125 be drawn from the Lilalo Kuta to convene and edit the 2012 BNC people resolutions so that the resolutions can line-up with the Zambian government proposed dialogue for the restoration of the defunct 1964 agreement rather than the total independence of Barotseland.

The other Kuta, however, have sharply objected to the ‘restoration’ proposal, demanding an explanation on why the people’s unanimous calls for independence can not be honoured.

Namuso, however, explained that the major obstacle to the 2012 BNC resolutions would be the Barotseland borders which Sir Mwanawina signed for at the time, which differ greatly from the original Barotseland borders.

This explanation, however, was rejected by the majority other Kuta because national boundaries can always be subjected to litigation or arbitration in international courts.

In Barotseland governance systems, a decision passed by the Barotse National Council (BNC) is considered supreme over all other governance structures and can only be undone by another BNC resolution.

According to this plan drafted by the two Kuta of Ngambela and Iñete, however, the 125-man select committee should be mandated to edit the 2012 BNC resolutions without the people, after which they would choose a much smaller dialogue delegation of about 15 that would then be tasked with the responsibility of negotiating the restoration of the defunct 1964 agreement with the Zambian government (GRZ).

However, when asked what would happen to those activists who have already died or those incarcerated and imprisoned over the 2012 BNC related matters, such as Afumba Mombotwa and his two colleagues, Namuso reportedly refused to comment on the matter, stating that Barotse activists and their activities were not part of the council’s current agenda.

Further, Namuso allegedly stated that there was not enough money to call for another Barotse National Council (BNC) to consult or try to persuade the people to change their mind from independence to restoration of the defunct 1964 agreement.

When asked about the money they received from the Zambian government for the process, Namuso said the money was only intended for the GRZ proposed dialogue process and not for convening the Barotse National Council.

Reportedly, the council meeting deadlocked at this point without any agreement, prompting their royal highnesses, the Senior chiefs and sub-chiefs, to convene a separate meeting, excluding all other Induna, today, whose outcome would then be communicated to the rest of the gathering tomorrow, Friday.

Essentially, the Privy Council which should have concluded yesterday Wednesday has now been extended to Friday, 29th November.

“In short, Kuta ya Ngambela yeza dictate! They have already made up their minds to restore BA’64 (Barotseland agreement 1964). Kuta ya Ngambela yeza bulldoze for restoration,” concluded the insider, further indicating that activists will not be involved in the process at all because, purportedly, involving them will be very expensive.

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