Royal Barotseland’s Nationalist Guide: “Building a Stronger Barotseland Together!”

05 October 2020
Author  Sibeta Mundia, Barotseland Post
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Many people can claim to be members of Linyungandambo, Barotseland’s leading independence movement, but very few know what it takes to be a true Linyungandambo.

A true Linyungandambo must subscribe to the movement’s core ideals and beliefs sometimes called the Linyungandambo Philosophy, which was later developed and integrated into what is now Royal Barotseland’s Nationalist Guide.

It was in their quest to build a cadre of knowledgeable followers that the independence movement developed and formulated the Nationalist’s Guide which they then distributed through the Barotseland National Information Centre system whose objectives were:

1. To enhance the unity among all citizens living in Barotseland

2. To minimize misinformation, speculation and distortion of information and ideas.

3. To bring people or link the people to their leaders and seat of administration and enable them to get the correct information and know what is happening.

4. To promote a feedback system where information flows from the village to the district and province and back to the village, a system that is as healthy today as it was during time past in the era of Barotseland’s founding matriarchs and patriarchs.

5. To reduce and shorten the distances people cover to go to Namuso (Central Government) to deliver or get information.

The system would also enable His Majesty the Litunga, King of Barotseland, and The Rt Hon Ngambela, Barotseland's Prime Minister, to know the whole situation and what goes on in the entire nation of Royal Barotseland as well as establish a mutual relationship across Barotseland; in as far as information flow is concerned, and reduce the dependence on foreign Zambian propaganda against Barotseland.

In summary, Barotseland’s Nationalist Guide educates the Linyungandambo members, old and new, as well as all the other nationals, what the quest for Barotseland Self-determination is really about.

It covers a wide range of pertinent matters ranging from the type of government envisioned for Barotseland, territorial boundaries claimed and the various laws to be implemented, etc including what type of national politics are envisioned for Royal Barotseland.

Because there is a wide array of topics, we will segment them in a series of articles here to follow for easy comprehension.

So, anyone who wishes to call themselves Linyungandambo or those wishing to be involved in the struggle for Barotseland Self-Determination under the banner of Linyungandambo must first understand what the Linyungandambo movement is all about, and agree to practice the movement’s philosophy at all times.

The Kingdom of Royal Barotseland’s Nationalist Guide, 2020 edition, has been released under the theme, “Building a Stronger Barotseland Together!”

However, Barotseland’s Nationalist Guide was first issued in 2010, Compliments of The Royal Barotseland Transitional Government.


The Nationalist Guide is intended to provide a framework, which will enable all Royal Barotseland's citizenry, to visualize and come to terms with their Country, Nation and Statehood.

Moreover, the nationalist guide is not rigid but subject to some alterations.

It only serves as a reminiscence of the Royal Barotseland constitution and laws.

It has been prepared with the realization of or taking into consideration, the International Covenants on People's Rights to determine their Social, Political and Cultural Development.

It explains the Kingdom of Royal Barotseland’s aspirations as a self-governed and sovereign territory, outlaying what type of government and the various laws the politically sovereign Kingdom plans to promulgate in the Kingdom such as citizenship laws, economic and investment laws, criminal laws as well as customary laws and laws of antiquity.

The nationalist guide also explains Barotseland’s territory under claim and the proposed land administration and many other aspects of politics, culture and religion.

We will, therefore, endeavour to share as many aspects of the Nationalist Guide as possible in consequent articles.

In the first article of this series, 'BAROTSELAND NATIONALIST GUIDE: Why Royal Barotseland is a Constitutional Monarchy practising parliamentary democracy', we will look at the type of government Royal Barotseland espouses, and explain why The Elephant Kingdom chose to pursue this type of government.

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