SECURITY ALERT: Litunga enthroned Mwene Chengele now fears for his life!

18 November 2018
President Lungu has been castigated for visiting Webster Mulubisha who has neither been enthroned nor recognized by the Litunga as Mwene Mutondo


A source close to the recently enthroned Mwene Chengele has called for the immediate securing of the Mwene after what they suspect is an attempt to harm him by those opposed to his enthronement! Kashengula Nyumbu was recently enthroned as Mwene Chengele of Nañoko area by the Litunga of Barotseland to replace the dethroned Josiah Nyumbu!

And the Mwene Chengele’s confidants have reported that some unknown people suspected to be those opposed to his enthronement have been seen driving around his Mushuwa palace located along the road going to Makapaela, back and forth, probably with the view to attack him!

Although he was enthroned by the Litunga on 7th April 2018, Kashengula Nyumbu is still waiting for the government of Zambia to gazette him as the new Mwene Chengele to take over from the dethroned Josiah Nyumbu who has refused to relinquish the title.

However, the government has still not yet done this in apparent preference to deposed Josiah Nyumbu who is still on Government payroll, leaving Kashengula Nyumbu still unattended to.

He remains unsecured and poverty stricken, probably to frustrate him so that he will not take up the chieftaincy at Nañoko.

The scare on the chief’s house this evening appears to be more serious than before, prompting some people from Limulunga to go and try to secure the chief as he is without official security because the government has not yet gazetted him!

Lately, a couple of chiefs enthroned by the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) and the Litunga from the Nkoya and Mbunda royal families have died in what many believe are succession related wrangles!

First, it was Mwene Kahale (Edward Kahale) and then Chief Mwanatete of Luampa, both enthroned by the BRE and the Litunga according to long established procedure, who both died in the space of a couple of weeks.

The wrangles involve Nkoya and Mbunda factions, respectively, where some wish to be recognized directly by the government instead of the Litunga King of Barotseland as has always been the case in Barotseland and western province of Zambia.

It is these latest rebellious activities that the BRE and the Litunga have accused the government of using to undermine the authority of the Litunga over his Kingdom because the government continue to recognize dethroned chiefs or those that the Litunga has not yet recognized, while refusing or neglecting to gazette those enthroned by the Litunga.

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